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September 2019

Lei Williams has had quite a journey since being airlifted out of war-torn South Vietnam as a 5-year-old who, along with her younger sister, had to leave her mother behind.

As Williams, a high school English as a Second Language teacher in the Eastern Lancaster County School District, tells her incredible life story, it’s clear she still feels the pain. At times, tears well in her eyes and her voice halts, and as a visitor listening to her, it’s hard not to do the same.

Then a glimmer returns to her eyes, and a beaming smile lights up her face, when talk turns to her work with immigrant students at Garden Spot High School.

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Learning Lessons: Diversity Club

As anyone who has taught it, gone through it, or is currently in it knows, middle school can be a rough time for those perceived as “different.” That’s what makes reinforcing concepts like acceptance, empathy, and kindness during these challenging, formative years so crucial.

That idea is what drove Annie Granger and Annette Ehly, middle-school educators in the rural Upper Adams School District, to create the Upper Adams Diversity Club five years ago.