American Education Week

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Happy American Education Week!

Public schools are the cornerstone of our communities. We welcome students of all backgrounds, abilities, and incomes. We each play a role in ensuring our schools are open to all.

During American Education Week, we celebrate public education and show our appreciation for the men and women who make a difference in students' lives every day.

This year, American Education Week is more important than ever, as educators and support professionals work tirelessly to keep student learning on track amid a pandemic.

Join the celebration. Snap a picture that represents your pride in public schools and post it to social media using #PublicSchoolsForAll.

Meet Angela Vigna, the 2022 ESP of the Year!

There’s no better time than American Education Week to celebrate our hardworking ESP members. And none more deserving of recognition than Angela Vigna, the 2022 Dolores McCracken PSEA Education Support Professional of the Year.

Vigna has worked as a paraprofessional in the Leechburg Area School District for the past 19 years. In this role, she has served as a classroom aide providing academic support to students with special needs. During her tenure, Vigna had the opportunity to work with one particular student from first grade all the way through to graduation.

School colleagues praised Vigna for her dedication and ability to draw out the very best in her students.

“Mrs. Vigna takes pride in her work and the accomplishments of the students,” Michelle Ferretti, a Leechburg middle and high school learning support teacher, wrote in nominating Vigna for the award. “She works well beyond the school day to ensure that all students are receiving what they need. Mrs. Vigna is a true example of the importance of paraeducators and the critical role they play in children’s academic success, social and emotional development, and sense of belonging within the community.”

In addition to working as a paraprofessional, Vigna serves as the president of the Leechburg Area Education Support Professionals Association. In that role, she has welcomed countless new members to the association, helping them understand their contract and encouraging them in their new roles.

Schedule of events

Monday, November 14
Kickoff Day 

Tuesday, November 15
Family Day 

Wednesday, November 16
Education Support Professionals Day

Thursday, November 17
Educator for a Day

Friday, November 18
Substitute Educators Day 

What is American Education Week?

American Education Week is a time for all Pennsylvanians and Americans to celebrate public education and honor the women and men who are making a difference in our schools every day.

Join the celebration

Join us as we show our support for PA public schools and send the message that our schools are here for each and every student.

Just snap a picture that represents your pride in public schools and post it to your social channels using #PublicSchoolsForAll.

Find more resources

Find event ideas, suggested social media posts, videos and more at NEA's American Education Week web page.

Educator Spotlight

Wee Deliver

In a world increasingly reliant on technology for basic communication, it’s nice to know there’s still a place that appreciates the value of a simple handwritten letter. That place is Garrettford Elementary School in the Upper Darby School District.

Schoolwide Mobile Makerspace

Finding creative new ways to engage kids in learning is one of teaching’s toughest challenges. Making it work for multiple classrooms across an entire school is tougher still. But that’s just what Katie Waddell, a second-grade teacher in the General McLane School District, Erie County, has accomplished with her Schoolwide Mobile Makerspace program.

Cyber Seniors

Most days, the residents of the Conestoga View Nursing & Rehabilitation facility in Lancaster don’t spend much time on the computer, or hanging out with young people. But, now, they’re getting plenty of time to do both, courtesy of the J.P. McCaskey High School Computer Club.

Virtual reality in the classroom

Picture this. You're standing on the surface of a rocky, alien landscape on the edge of an enormous crater. Deposits of what look like snow and ice dot the landscape. You turn to the left to see Jupiter looming massively over distant mountains, dominating an alien sky packed with brilliant stars. 

Teachers in the Parks

On a warm, June day, groups of students are huddled around enthusiastic teachers. Children are laughing, smiling, and enjoying their lessons. And as the breeze blows and birds sing a summer song, this doesn’t feel like a community that is struggling. It feels like a community with hope.

PSEA’s Great American Education Week Fleece Giveaway

To celebrate American Education Week 2022, we are giving away PSEA fleeces to one member in each of our 11 geographic regions, ESP Region, PSEA-Retired, and Student PSEA. This American-made fleece is crafted with durability to stand the test of time. You’ll love it. And you could win one for free!

Submissions for the giveaway have now closed. Winners have been selected and are being notified. We’ll announce winners here on Monday, Nov. 21. Thanks to all who entered!