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July 2018

Cover story: Our association is strong because members like you belong

Good salaries, benefits, protections on the job, policies that help kids, a voice for working people.

Regardless of profession or vocation, that’s what working families want. And that’s what PSEA delivers, along with legal protections and member benefits.

The facts back that up.

This content is intended for PSEA members and their immediate families.

“So, whether you’re at a ballgame, a picnic, a party by the pool, or a lunch with friends, remember just how powerful your voice is – and use it.”

Learning Lessons: Adaptive Music Class

When Andrew Vensel sings to greet the students in his adaptive music class, it lights up their faces. His voice carries easily across the large music room in Middletown Area High School as he provides positive reinforcement to each individual student with acknowledgement, eye contact, and a bright smile.

Tee it up ‘fore’ public education

The 23nd Annual Carmen J. Matino Friends of Public Education Golf Tournament is July 27 at the Range End Golf Course in Dillsburg. All proceeds from the tournament, which is on the Friday concluding the Gettysburg Summer Leadership Conference, benefit the Lucy A. Valero Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund helps to support public education in Pennsylvania by providing scholarships to students who are pursuing careers in public education. Interested in golfing or want more information? Contact Wendi Witherow at 800-944-7732, ext. 7127, or

Important IRS filing for locals

Section 6033(e)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code requires PSEA to notify its members regarding a reasonable estimate of the portion of their dues that are allocable to lobbying and political expenditures for the coming year. PSEA estimates that 10 percent of the membership dues for the 2018-19 membership year (September 2018 through August 2019) will be used for lobbying and political expenditures.