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March 2017

Cover story: Fact 

The governing has started. Those who emerged victorious from the November election are now in office and pushing their policy agendas.

But good government means basing key decisions on facts. When lawmakers’ decisions impact millions of Pennsylvanians, this is absolutely essential.

Note: Content on this page is intended for PSEA members and their immediate families.

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"Working in public education requires us to use our collective voice to engage in the political process, and to advocate for our students, our schools, and our professions."

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PSEA Statewide Elections

PSEA statewide elections to be held at the May House of Delegates:

President (elect 1); Vice President (elect 1); Treasurer, (elect 1); NEA Director (elect 2); NEA Alternate Director (elect 7); Pension Plan Director (elect 1)

Candidate statements appear below in alphabetical order.

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