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Duty Free Lunch

Welcome to Duty Free Lunch, the official podcast of the Pennsylvania State Education Association, where every PSEA member has a seat at the table.

Join us as we unpack the issues that matter most to you.

From cutting-edge classroom strategies to thought-provoking policy discussions, if it impacts Pennsylvania educators, it’s on the menu!


E4: "What serves you serves your students" with PA Teacher of the Year

Runtime 22 min.

The team sits down with the 2024 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Ashlie Crosson to discuss her award, her feelings on PSEA membership, and why she stands by the phrase, "what's good for teachers is good for students."

Hosted by PSEA President Aaron Chapin and Treasurer Rachael West.

E3: Response to Gov. Shapiro's budget address

Run time: 24 min.

The PSEA team discusses the high and low points of Gov. Josh Shapiro's Feb. 6 budget address for 2024-25. PSEA President Aaron Chapin, Vice President Jeff Ney, and Treasurer Rachael West are joined by PSEA Government Relations experts Dan Wiedemer and Kelli Thompson to hash through the details of what this budget means for PSEA members.

E2: Conversation with NEA President Becky Pringle

Run time: 22 min.

The PSEA officer team of President Aaron Chapin, Vice President Jeff Ney, and Treasurer Rachael West sits down with President of the National Education Association and proud PSEA member Becky Pringle to discuss her experience as the head of the largest public sector union in America, the importance of diversity in the educator workforce, and why Pennsylvania educators are some of the most powerful in the country.

E1: Inside state government and politics

Run time: 22 min.

The debut of “Duty Free Lunch” where we discuss the most relevant issues happening in the state Legislature and how they affect PSEA members. The hosts for this episode are PSEA President Aaron Chapin and PSEA Vice President Jeff Ney and our guest is PSEA Director of Government Relations Dan Wiedemer.

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