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Tell state senators to oppose new voucher scheme

The state Senate Education Committee voted on a tuition voucher bill that will siphon money from our public schools. We've known that vouchers are a bad idea for decades, but some lawmakers still haven't gotten the message. Contact your state senator today and urge him or her to oppose this voucher scheme.

Key Issues

Learn more about key issues that impact public education.

Time to fix seniority law impacting experienced educators with multiple certifications

Many state lawmakers didn't understand that a new educator furlough law they supported impacts experienced educators who've worked hard to earn multiple certificates. That's why we need to tell them – and encourage them to fix this mistake.

Protect jobs from bad subcontracting deals

Bipartisan legislation has been introduced to protect dedicated education support professionals from having their jobs outsourced to for-profit companies. Send a message to your state lawmakers to support these measures.

Take action on PSEA's standardized testing reform package

PSEA is working with elected officials from both parties to reduce high-stakes standardized testing in our schools. A package of bills introduced in April 2017 will help move Pennsylvania toward that goal.

Contact your state senator and representative to urge them to support the five-bill package or individual pieces of legislation important to you.

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Contact your state senator

Contact your state senator regarding an issue that impacts your students, your school, or your profession.

Contact your state representative

Contact your state representative regarding an issue that impacts your students, your school, or your profession.

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