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New & Early Career Educators

What is PSEA?

PSEA is an association of 177,000 educators, support professionals, nurses, students, and retired school employees that fights for, protects, and speaks out for our members – working to secure the best salaries, benefits, pensions, and protections on the job every, single day.

PSEA’s goal is to support members at every step of their careers, providing representation, legal protections, discounts on goods and services, and free continuing professional education opportunities you can access online.

Whether members are just starting their careers or have years of experience, PSEA is here to help.

Career Toolkit: Map Your Future

Pennsylvania is a great place to be an educator. And PSEA wants to help you to map your future.

Use the resources at to see the starting salaries in each of Pennsylvania’s school districts compiled from the most current data available and connect directly to school websites so you can see who is hiring.

Job and Professional Development Opportunities

Where are the jobs?

It’s not always easy to find your first job. Right now, a lot of schools are hiring. But where are they?

To find out which schools are hiring right now, check out the link below.

It lists all of the job openings in Pennsylvania school districts.

Continue your professional development with PSEA's Center for Professional Learning

Members get access to free professional development.

PSEA’s center for professional learning offers a wide range of online and in-person courses eligible for Act 48 and Chapter 14 hours, along with a searchable library of publications on professional issues, teaching and learning, and education policy.

Sessions such as, "Educator Evaluation in 2021 and Beyond,""Rethinking Grading," or "Taking care of the teacher self to prepare mentally for the gaps in student ability/learning next year" are just a few recent examples of what you could add to your knowledge base.


Benefits of membership in PSEA

Become a PSEA member today

Now, it’s easier than ever to join PSEA.

New employees can sign up using PSEA’s new online enrollment process. It only takes a minute to complete the online form. 


Degrees Not Debt - What is the "Degrees Not Debt" program and how does it work?

The NEA recognizes the burden student loan debt is putting on public educators and developed a campaign called “Degrees Not Debt.” This campaign is intended to inform student loan borrowers of their rights and options in the repayment process as many borrowers are unaware of their eligibility for programs that can make their monthly payment affordable and provide loan forgiveness. Learn more.

 NEA Student Debt Navigator powered by Savi

NEA’s Student Debt Navigator powered by Savi offers a free online student loan evaluation tool to determine eligibility for federal programs to help you manage your student loan debt. Learn more. 

Members get great benefits

PSEA membership saves you money. The PSEA Member Benefits program offers thousands of discounts, savings opportunities, and resources on things like:

  • School loan debt
  • Tele-therapy
  • Fiber optic internet/TV/phone service
  • Insurance
  • Financial services
  • Hotels

Check out the Member Benefits options for yourself. 

Certification Information

Pennsylvania teachers and educational specialists must be certified to work in public schools.

PSEA is here to help educators understand the state's certification regulations and how they affect rights and responsibilities in the workplace. 

PSEA offers a "You and Your Certificate" guide to address:

  • Earning Your Certificate
  • Converting Your Certificate
  • Using and Maintaining Your Certificate
  • Keeping Your Certificate
  • Testing Requirements for Your Certification

Induction Resources

PA Dept. of Ed. Certification landing page

PA Dept. of Ed. Induction plan information

Resources made easy

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