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May 2019

Joshua Pollock says he’s not looking for a “lavish lifestyle,’’ but he would like to earn enough as a teacher to pay his bills and someday support a family.

But after teaching five years in the California Area School District, Washington County, he makes $39,900, and he has $80,000 in education debt.

To make ends meet, he works multiple part-time jobs, including working for fire companies and ambulance services. When his “second shift’’ ends at night, he then has to do lesson plans before going to bed.

“I’m not asking for a lavish lifestyle. I am not seeking wealth,’’ said Pollock, who holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and an administrative certificate from the University of Pittsburgh. “I am asking for a fair living in order to be able to eat dinner at home, one night, without worrying about personal finances.’’

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Dariah Jackson, Chester Upland EA

Learning Lessons: Cyber Seniors

Most days, the residents of the Conestoga View Nursing & Rehabilitation facility in Lancaster don’t spend much time on the computer, or hanging out with young people. But, now, they’re getting plenty of time to do both, courtesy of the J.P. McCaskey High School Computer Club.