NEA-RA Declaration of Candidacy

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Declaration of Candidacy

Duties of delegates the NEA-RA

  1. Each delegate will be expected to arrive in time to ensure registering as an official delegate to the Representative Assembly (RA), with both the PSEA delegation and NEA.
  2. Each delegate will be expected to attend all caucuses of the PSEA delegation and to participate in the caucus. Delegates are expected to remain through the convention.
  3. Each delegate shall attend all business meetings of the RA.
  4. Each delegate may be assigned tasks by the PSEA president.
  5. Each delegate should take into consideration PSEA policy when voting.
  6. Each delegate is encouraged to participate fully in all activities of the PSEA delegation.
  7. Each delegate—state and local—will be expected to sit with his or her region delegation on the RA floor. This is to ensure communications regarding RA business and/or personal emergency information of concern to the delegate, as well as to verify attendance.

I understand that, as a state delegate, my attendance is directly funded by membership dues. I accept my responsibility to carry out the above specified duties. I understand that failure to fulfill the duties listed above may result in the loss or return of a portion of the funding provided by PSEA.