Involving PSEA’s BIPOC and ethnic minority members

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Minority Affairs Committee

PSEA's Minority Affairs Committee and PSEA's 3.1(g) Task Force have the lead responsibility for identifying issues and resources that support this increasing minority involvement in the Association. These activities include promoting PSEA and NEA events and programs, the PSEA Human and Civil Rights Awards program, the Books, Toys, & More project, and other activities.

Each year, as required by NEA Bylaw 3.1 (g), PSEA develops a plan to evaluate and strengthen these activites.

Involving PSEA’s BIPOC and ethnic minority members

PSEA works best when our members are active participants in the Association.

PSEA encourages minority members to become involved at local, region, and state levels. On this page, we'll share information about upcoming opportunities.

You can update your member status by going to PSEA's Profile Update page, logging in, and verifying your last name, ZIP code, and birth date. Once you have done this, scroll down to "Personal Information" and update your "Ethnic Classification."

Minority members encouraged to attend the NEA-RA

PSEA is committed to increasing the number of ethnic minority representatives in Pennsylvania's delegation to the NEA Representative Assembly.

This is a key component of PSEA's plan for increasing participation of ethnic minority members in national, state, and local activities. It is also a goal set by NEA bylaw 3.1(g), which encourages states to send delegates to the RA who reflect the percentage of minorities in the general population of each state.