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PSEA represented on world stage

PSEA had an international presence this summer when board member Cheryl Mattern ventured to a major global union event in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mattern, a school nurse in the Central York School District, York County, was one of 50 NEA voting delegates to attend Education International’s 8th World Congress in Bangkok, Thailand.

NEA is a member of Education International, which is the largest global union federation representing organizations of teachers and other education employees. It represents more than 32 million trade union members from 170 countries. Its mission is to promote the interests of education employees, quality education, and equality in society.

The organization meets every four years. Mattern, who is an elected NEA state director from PSEA, was selected to be a delegate by NEA President Lily Eskelsen García, who is Education International’s vice president for North America and the Caribbean. Mattern funded the trip herself.

“It’s comparable to the NEA-RA and the PSEA House of Delegates,’’ Mattern said. “We caucus each morning, and then conduct business sessions, like electing officers and voting on new business items. We also had some tremendous speakers.’’

She said one of the presentations was on the Red for Ed movement in the United States.
Mattern arrived a few days early and stayed a few days after the weeklong conference in late July to do some sightseeing.

She toured Buddhist temples, the Grand Palace in Bangkok, and took a train across the River Kwai, which was the setting for the epic World War II movie released in 1957 called “Bridge Over the River Kwai.’’

“It was an amazing experience,’’ Mattern said. “The conference was very profound. I’m going to apply again to be a delegate in four years.’’