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Give tired brains a break

As we jump into the new school year, don’t forget to give your students, and yourself, a break. Daily brain breaks are a critical component of a healthy learning environment. 

“My favorite brain break that I like to use in my school is to
If they get that time to themselves where it’s just quiet – no phones, no technology – they can just come back and be focused and be ready for the day.”
allow my kids to walk briefly in the courtyard outside.
Charlie Bigelow, ninth-grade learning-support teacher, Hermitage EA

“My kindergartners every year always have a favorite brain break. Sometimes it’s dancing, sometimes it's singing, sometimes it’s yoga.
Some ‘Singin’ in the Rain,’ you know? ‘If we’re good could we please do that one?’ Yes!”
My last year’s class, they loved show tunes.
Andrea Fink, kindergarten teacher, William Penn EA

“My students’ favorite brain break involves us getting up and walking out the back door of our classroom.
just to get our bodies moving and some fresh air. It absolutely makes a difference with the students who need to get up and move to get the wiggles out.”
We take a little run around the field, just like you would in a sports practice,
Kelly Figueroa, fourth-grade teacher, Kennett Consolidated EA