Education Policy Issues

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Education Policy Issues

PSEA tracks a variety of education policy issues, including amendments to the Pennsylvania School Code, special education regulations and court cases, and other changes to the laws and regulations impacting public education and our members.

Improving Public Education

Solutions That Work

Across the state, PSEA members are using all kinds of creative approaches to teach our students.

Educators see challenges, and find solutions.

PSEA wants to take these creative solutions, tell policymakers about them, and help craft state laws and regulations so that every school and every student can benefit from them.

Act 1

About Act 1

Act 1, passed by the PA General Assembly in July 2006, authorizes school districts to levy new earned income or personal income taxes. Act 1 requires school districts to adopt a preliminary budget and seek voter approval in a referendum to implement increases greater than the year's index or to levy new taxes for the following fiscal year. Districts may qualify for exceptions to this requirement.