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November 2018

Four years ago, public schools and students were reeling from nearly $1 billion in public school funding cuts. Classroom sizes were significantly increasing, educators were being furloughed, class offerings were being reduced, students were losing extracurricular activities, valuable learning time was being lost to the crush of standardized testing.

Tom Wolf ran for governor opposing those bad policies,  instead proposing to invest in public education and find ways to reduce testing and preserve pensions. Upon taking office, he went to work.

Gov. Wolf discussed the past four years and his vision for a second term with us at The Voice. 

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I am a member because ...

“I’m a PSEA member because it’s the right thing to do for my students, for my district, for my community, and for my education profession. PSEA makes the difference.”

— Pam Brown, Oxford Area EA

Learning Lessons: Students mine history through song

The Welsh immigrants who toiled in the mines of the famous Peach Bottom Slate Ridge would be proud of a group of middle school students and two science teachers.

The heritage and history of mining the ridge – running from southcentral Pennsylvania to northern Maryland – from the mid-18th to early 20th  centuries have been captured in music and videos through a remarkable project involving teachers and students in different school districts.

NEA-RA Delegates

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2018-19 PSEA Professional Learning Webinar Series

PSEA members can earn Act 48 credits by participating in one of our 2018-19 professional learning webinars.

DPS book drive

Members of PSEA's Department of Pupil Services – school counselors, dental hygienists, home and school visitors, nurses, psychologists, and social workers – donated 800 books to the Partners for Public Education Book Drive at the DPS Conference in State College in August. The books were donated to Erie County Head Start.