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More than 7,000 future educators studying at PA colleges and universities are members of Student PSEA. As part of the next generation of educators, Student PSEA helps members hit the ground running through professional development workshops, service projects, and more.  

And join the convo with other Student PSEA members. You'll hear things like, "Did you know you can join as a multi-year member? It's more cost effective and guarantees uninterrupted liability coverage!"

Information, Resources, & News Updates

The Source

The Source is an e-newsletter for Student PSEA members that focuses on current issues, provides quick updates, and spotlights activities and events happening around the commonwealth.

In this issue: 

  • Cast your vote for pro-public education candidates
  • Plan your career in education with PSEA
  • Student PSEA's 2023 award nominations are open
  • Upcoming statewide meetings and chapter events
  • PEARL and upcoming Center for Professional Learning events
  • Member Benefit spotlight: restaurants, travel, shopping, and more

Monthly Membership Meetings

Join Student PSEA on Zoom throughout the school year to learn important updates, discuss a monthly topic, hear from chapter advisors, and participate in a Q&A session. Find meeting dates, topics, and more here

Registration is required for each meeting. Register for November's meeting here or by using the link below. 

Next meeting: Jan. 22, 7 p.m. - SPSEA Elections, Committees, Awards, NEA AEC-RA, Gettysburg Leadership Conference

Future meetings:

  • Feb. 12, 7 p.m. - 2023 SPSEA Conference and Convention
  • Mar. 7, 7 p.m. - 2023 SPSEA Conference and Convention and O+T
  • Apr. 16, 7 p.m. - Conference Recap and Preparing for the 2023-24 Year

Professional Development Resources & NEA Micro-credentials

NEA AE Micro-credentials: NEA provides 16 micro-credential courses to aspiring educators that help you develop the skills and understanding you need in your first steps to becoming a classroom teacher. Here are just a few courses you have access to: 

  • Classroom Management for Creative Learning
  • Connected Educator-Growing Your Professional Network
  • Understanding Educator Ethics

PSEA offers a wide array of in person and online professional learning opportunities in both synchronous and a-synchronous formats.

PEARL: PSEA’s online learning hub with over 95 courses and counting. Here are just a few courses you have access to:

  • Re-Imagining Relationships
  • Social and Emotional Learning is for Us, Too!
  • Time Management and Organization for Online Learning

Upcoming webinars, book discussions, and wellness events: 

Webinars: Convenient, frequently offered webinars on a variety of topics.

  • TBD

Book Discussions: Online book discussion of contemporary young adult fiction.

  • TBD

Wellness: Programs to promote self-care to protect minds and bodies.

  • Mindful Monday
    • Dec. 12, 4:45 p.m.

Educators' Employment Liability Insurance (EEL)

The NEA Educators' Employment Liability Program is a professional liability insurance program provided as a benefit of PSEA/NEA membership, and underwritten by a highly-rated insurance company.

PSEA's Career Toolkit

Education is a challenging and rewarding profession. And Pennsylvania’s public school students need the very best and brightest to make sure they’re getting the power of a great education.

  • Quickly compare starting salaries in your area (or across the state) and see where the jobs are
  • Get student debt and loan guidance
  • Continue to develop your professional career with classes in our Center for Professional Learning
  • Find current creditation and insurance documents

Check out these and many other resources in PSEA's Toolkit and start planning a career in public education today.

Get hands-on teaching experience as a substitute

The Pennsylvania General Assembly recently approved bipartisan legislation that will help get more substitute teachers into public school classrooms and address the substitute teacher shortage that is stretching educators and support professionals to the breaking point. 
As a student, you can help. Here’s how: 
  • Soon-to-be-college graduates who have completed all of their requirements except a PRAXIS exam and have not yet received their diplomas can become day-to-day substitutes or long-term subs on a temporary basis.
  • Current college students who have completed a minimum of 60 credits in a Pennsylvania college or university teacher preparation programs can be substitutes.  

Get started by visiting, and learn more about the substitute teacher legislation at  

2022 Student PSEA Conference and Convention Recap

Over 150 aspiring educators gathered in Erie on April 8 and 9 for the 2022 Student PSEA Conference and Convention. Attendees heard from various education professionals, Second Lady of Pennsylvania, Ms. Gisele Fetterman, and PSEA leaders. 

Members also participated in the Outreach to Teach service project at McKinley Elementary School in downtown Erie to beautify and improve the building's hallways, library, stairways, auditorium, and more to show the school's community that we care, love, and support them. 

Over 75 state, regional, and national elections were held, as well as the regional and state Student PSEA House of Delegates. Almost $2,000 was donated to PACE.

Thirteen nominations were received for members to attend the 2022 NEA Aspiring Educators Conference and Representative Assembly hosted in Chicago this year. The APEX, Underclassmen, Faculty Advisor, Chapter Growth, and Servant Leadership Awards were granted to worthy locals and members.

Stay tuned for more information about the 2023 Student PSEA Conference and Convention happening on March 23-25 at the Hershey Lodge. 

Student Debt Resources


Degrees Not Debt - What is the "Degrees Not Debt" program and how does it work?

The NEA recognizes the burden student loan debt is putting on public educators and developed a campaign called “Degrees Not Debt.” This campaign is intended to inform student loan borrowers of their rights and options in the repayment process as many borrowers are unaware of their eligibility for programs that can make their monthly payment affordable and provide loan forgiveness. Learn more.

 NEA Student Debt Navigator powered by Savi

NEA’s Student Debt Navigator powered by Savi offers a free online student loan evaluation tool to determine eligibility for federal programs to help you manage your student loan debt. Learn more. 

Student PSEA Awards

Student PSEA offers various awards for chapters, faculty advisors, members, and leaders. 

Outstanding Chapter Event Award: Nomination Form

The Student PSEA Organization Outstanding Chapter Event Award recognizes chapters that have achieved excellence through an event that created involvement for their chapter members and/or their community members.

Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award: Nomination Form

The Student PSEA Organization Outstanding Chapter Faculty Adviser Recognizes individuals for dedication and service to the PSEA Student Program at the chapter level.

Outstanding Servant Leader Award: Nomination Form

The Student PSEA Organization Outstanding Servant Leader Award recognizes individuals who have achieved excellence throughout the year by providing leadership at the region or chapter level.

Exceptional Underclassman Award: Nomination Form

The Student PSEA Organization Exceptional Underclassmen Award recognizes freshmen or sophomores who have achieved excellence throughout the year by providing leadership at the region or chapter level.


Lucy A. Valero Scholarship

The Lucy A. Valero Scholarship Fund, administered by PSEA, provides scholarships to outstanding Pennsylvania college and university students who are enrolled in accredited teacher preparation programs.

The fund also provides a scholarship to a high school student who is a member of the Future Educators Association.

NEA Aspiring Educators CREATE Grants

Student PSEA members and chapters are eligible to apply for CREATE grants.  These grants of up to $2000 should strengthen NEA's Aspiring Educators Program and build stronger partnerships.  Grants should also have a primary focus in one of the areas aligned with AE Core Values: 

  • Educator quality
  • Community engagement
  • Political action
  • Social justice

President's Blog

Learn more about Student PSEA events and happenings on the President's Blog.

NEA Podcast: School Me

Starting your education career? NEA's School Me podcast brings you advice from experienced educators about classroom management tips, lesson plan ideas, and inspiring stories to help strengthen your career.

By the numbers

7 Thousand

PSEA represents more than 7,000 future educators at Pennsylvania colleges and universities. 

Student PSEA Leadership

2022-23 Student PSEA Executive Committee

Jordan Miller, Mansfield University

Emily Gill, University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg

Vice President
Brennen Marsh, University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg

Amber Bloom, University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg

Marina Lagatutta, University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg

2022-23 Student PSEA Executive Board

Central Region President
Emma Wolf, Penn State University-University Park

Central-Western Region President
Jessica Vognetz, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Eastern Region President

Mideastern Region President

Midwestern Region President
Samantha Mooney, Slippery Rock University

Northeastern Region President
Dinangeli Diaz, Bloomsburg University

Northwestern Region President

Southern Region President
Sarah Ginn, York College of Pennsylvania

Southeastern Region President
Samantha Miller, West Chester University

Southwestern Region President
Sophia Worner, University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg

Western Region President