Special & Gifted Education

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Special & Gifted Education

Educators and support professionals working with students with special needs must understand special education and gifted education policies and regulations mandated by federal and state law. This information changes frequently. 

PSEA wants to help educators and support professionals do all they can for their students by providing up-to-date resources on special education and gifted education policy, along with classroom resources and best practice information.

Current News in Special Education

Special Education Conference 2024

April 12-13, 2024 at the Hershey Lodge

Current News in Special Education is an e-newsletter for PSEA members working with students with special needs. The newsletter provides timely updates on policy changes, legal issues, and professional development information. 

Recent issues: 

PSEA members can sign up to receive Current News in Special Education and other PSEA electronic newsletters on the My PSEA portal. 

IEP Toolbox

An individualized education program (IEP) is a written plan of specially designed instruction for the appropriate education of an exceptional student.

The IEP Toolbox provides checklists, regulations, and other resources for educators and support professionals

Resources for Educators and Parents

Infographics: Fostering Independence

PSEA created a series of infographics for educators and parents working with students with special needs who are preparing to enter adulthood: 

PA Department of Education

Parents, educators, students, and administrators can find resources, information, and updates on special education policy and resources in Pennsylvania.

Additional resources

Gifted Education

Chapter 16 Regulations

The State Board of Education is currently reviewing Chapter 16 regulations as part of their regulatory review.  When updates to Chapter 16 are finalized, information will be updated to reflect any changes to regulation.

Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education

A gifted child's academic and intellectual future can be shaped considerably by your awareness of the special needs of gifted students and the provision of appropriate services to best meet their needs. This page contains Gifted Education resources and regulations.

Meeting the needs of each student in a classroom is a challenging responsibility, and one required by Chapter 16 regulations. Every child deserves an appropriate education. The gifted child is no exception. Students learn at different speeds and differ in their ability to understand complex concepts. Students need challenging curriculum that matches classroom strategies with their advanced cognitive abilities.

PSEA partners with the Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE) to assist educators in teaching and challenging Pennsylvania's young minds. PSEA and PAGE also partner to develop parent and student resources