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Voice Magazine

March 2018

Cover story: March Forth '68

It was a typical early March day in Pennsylvania, but what happened in Harrisburg on that day 50 years ago was anything but ordinary.

“I consider March 4, 1968, the most important day in PSEA history," said Marylou Stefanko, an elementary teacher in the North Hills School District, Allegheny County, and a PSEA board member. 

Stefanko was among 20,000 teachers from throughout Pennsylvania who flocked to the steps of the state Capitol on that March day 50 years ago to stage one of the most iconic and influential rallies in Pennsylvania history.

This content is intended for PSEA members and their immediate families.

"So, on March 4, 1968, a principal named Joseph Standa, then the president of PSEA, inspired a throng of educators 20,000 strong to rally on the state Capitol steps.

That was 50 years ago, and this issue of Voice celebrates the brave women and men who took a big chance to participate in the March on Harrisburg."

Learning Lessons: Prosthetic Hands Program

Eighth-graders in Gavin Sikorski’s STEM class in Southmoreland Middle School are using what they learn there to change lives. The Westmoreland County teacher connects with families online whose children are born without fingers or a hand, and his class builds the child a custom prosthetic.

Candidate statements

PSEA statewide elections to be held at the May House of Delegates. Candidate statements appear below in alphabetical order.

Pursuant to PSEA’s Constitution and Bylaws, the PSEA Board of Directors elected a vice president and treasurer in July 2017 when vacancies arose in those offices. Elections at the May House of Delegates will be for the remainder of the terms of those offices.

Vice President (remainder of term through Aug. 31, 2019; elect 1); Treasurer (remainder of term through Aug. 31, 2019; elect 1); NEA State Director (elect 3); NEA Alternate State Director (elect 7); Pension Plan Director (elect 1)