Executive Director: What it means to belong

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Executive Director: What it means to belong

Belong to PSEA

Do you see the logo on this page?

PSEA members will be seeing it a lot in the next months and years.

Here’s why.

You may have heard about a U.S. Supreme Court case that justices will hear at the end of February. This case, Janus v. AFSCME, is an attempt to reverse decades of legal precedent and attack unions like ours.

The justices will issue their opinion on Janus in June. And, if they decide in favor of the anti-union forces that have brought it to them, the outcome could present a real threat to PSEA.

But we aren’t going to let outside forces ruin us. We know what they know: When you are part of a strong union, and when we all stick together, you and your colleagues have better salaries, better benefits, and better working conditions.

Your staff and local leaders are dedicated to working with you to improve your contracts, benefits, and job security.

There are examples of this in every local association - examples of the leverage that membership brings to the bargaining table, and examples of the strong contracts that you can win when members stick together.

So, the best thing we can do to prepare for this decision is to work together to make sure all members remember the value of PSEA’s collective action at both the state and local levels.

But we can’t do it alone.  Across the state, local leaders will soon hold meetings to talk about this or they’ll have conversations with your colleagues one-on-one.

The message? Our association is strong because members like you belong.

You may be invited to a meeting in your local to hear more about this.

So, please attend and get the latest.

And, at every opportunity, remind your colleagues what it means to belong. 

It means a strong collective bargaining agreement. It means legal representation at no cost for unlawful termination, certification, licensure, discrimination, or retirement issues. It means a voice in professional standards and practices. It means the opportunity to save more money than the cost of dues through the PSEA Member Benefits and Member Benefit Access programs.

Be assured we will work with you to keep your association strong. But the first step is making sure that you – and every other PSEA member – belongs.

Email Jim Vaughan: jvaughan@psea.org