PSEA and Partners for Public Education help organize book drives

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PSEA and Partners for Public Education help organize book drives

Voice: July 2017 

PSEA members know how important it is to encourage students to read. That’s why many local associations are working with Partners for Public Education to collect books for students who need them.

Partners and members of the PSEA Communications Committee are helping facilitate book drives this fall by providing materials and assistance to locals. Their goal is to see book drives in every PSEA region.

Planning a book drive?

If your local would like to hold a book drive this fall, you can find sample fliers and other resources, including applications for small grants from the PSEA Education Foundation, at

Book drives should be designed around the needs of the families in the communities where they are held. Book collections may focus on books for specific age groups, such as Pre-K or school-age children, or focus on a theme, such as health and wellness or preserving the environment.

Reading resources

Partners for Public Education is committed to providing resources to parents and educators to help children of all ages become better readers. 

Find Partners’ resources to promote good reading habits in children and make age-appropriate book recommendations at