Verizon Wireless increases discount

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Verizon Wireless increases discount

Voice: March 2017

Verizon Wireless has increased its discount to PSEA members to 21 percent. 

For members already registered for the PSEA discount, the increase is automatically applied to their accounts.

Members not registered can get the discount by taking their PSEA membership card to a Verizon Wireless corporate store, or by registering at The store must be an official Verizon corporate store, and not a Verizon "authorized retailer" store.

In addition to the 21 percent discount for service, Verizon also offers PSEA members a 35 percent discount on eligible accessories.

Joe Thayer, PSEA benefits manager, noted that many members believe they are getting the PSEA discount but are receiving the lessor discount offered through their district. He suggested members check their bills and if they are receiving less than a 21 percent discount, they are likely registered for their districts' discount program and not PSEA's.