Executive Director's Column: Quick PSEA reads

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Executive Director's Column: Quick PSEA reads

Voice: March 2017

Research indicates, you likely won't even read to the end of this column.

That's ok, because you now can get all you need to know about PSEA in 140 characters or less. Join us on Twitter:







Need a little more than 140 characters? Head over to Facebook and follow our page:


Still want more? In early May, PSEA will be unveiling a new website: www.psea.org.

Want to see how we highlight your work with students? Visit our Partners for Public Education website at www.partnersforpubliced.org and Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PartnersforPublicEd. (Every Friday, we share a photo from one of our members!)

These venues, and possibly more, will be used to highlight important news about public education, health care, and your union - putting a spotlight on the good work you do and the positive impacts your actions have on your communities.

Finally, do you have a story you want us to share about your colleagues or your good work?

Please email it to me at jvaughan@psea.org.