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PSEA Education Foundation

The PSEA Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports PSEA member-directed book drives for students in need, and provides hardship assistance to PSEA members affected by sudden or severe financial hardship as a result of illness, death, crime, accident, fire, flood, other disasters, or similar sudden or severe financial burdens arising from events beyond their control. The foundation also supports programs furthering public education, teaching, and learning in Pennsylvania.

If you'd like to contribute by mail please send a check payable to "PSEA Education Foundation" to the address below. You may also contribute online.

PSEA Education Foundation
c/o PSEA Financial Management
400 North Third Street
P.O. Box 1724
Harrisburg PA 17105-172

Book Drive Grant Fund

The PSEA Education Foundation Book Drive Grant Fund supports PSEA member-directed book drives for students in need.

Partners for Public Education and the PSEA Communications Committee are helping facilitate book drives providing materials and assistance to the local associations of educators and support professionals that are coordinating drives. 

Pennsylvania residents can support these book drives by contributing to the PSEA Education Foundation. 

PSEA Welfare Grants

PSEA members can submit applications to the PSEA Retirement & Welfare Committee, which reviews the applications and makes recommendations to the PSEA Education Foundation. Grant applications will be considered on a reasonable needs basis. Applicants must be PSEA members.

To access grant applications, you will need your member login and password.

The official registration and financial information of the PSEA Education Foundation may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1 (800) 732-0999.

Registration does not imply endorsement.

Contribute to the Foundation

The PSEA Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) private foundation.  Contributions can be made to the:

  • Book Drive Grant Program, which supports PSEA member-directed book drives for students in need;
  • Welfare Assistance Grant Program, which provides financial assistance to PSEA members with sudden or severe hardship;
  • Comprehensive Support and Improvement (CSI) Grant Program, which funds training and other needs of PSEA members; or
  • A general contribution can be made.