Career & Technical Education

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Department of Career & Technical Studies

PSEA's Department of Career and Technical Studies (DCTS) identifies and addresses the concerns and issues which affect the professions of educators in these disciplines.

The DCTS executive board includes representatives from PSEA regions as well as the eight sections of Career and Technical Education: Agriculture Education, Business Education, Cooperative Education, Distributive Education, Health Occupations, Family and Consumer Science, Technology Education, and Trade/Industrial Education.

Information & Updates

Vocational education certificates

The Pennsylvania School Code bill enacted in July 2017 gives Career and Technical Education professionals two additional years to get enough credits for Vocational II certification – eight years instead of the six-year requirement under the old law.

Occupational Advisory Committees

The Pennsylvania Department of Education has developed a guide to help Occupational Advisory Committees at the secondary and postsecondary levels function effectively.


PSEA represents more than 2,300 careeer and technical studies educators.