PSEA-PACE Recommends Sally Updyke Mundy for PA Supreme Court

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PSEA-PACE Recommends Sally Updyke Mundy for PA Supreme Court

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David Broderic (717) 255-7169

HARRISBURG (August 1, 2017) – The Pennsylvania State Education Association’s Political Action Committee for Education (PSEA-PACE) has recommended Republican Sally Updyke Mundy in the upcoming election for a seat on Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court.

“Sally Updyke Mundy has already distinguished herself as an excellent member of Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court and we’re confident that her sterling record of integrity, fairness, and experience will make her an outstanding justice for years to come,” said PSEA Vice President Dolores McCracken.

“When PSEA-PACE makes recommendations for elected offices, we look at a person’s record and experience on issues that matter for PSEA’s 180,000 members,” McCracken added. “Political parties don’t matter. What matters is the candidate. Justice Mundy stands out as someone Pennsylvanians can respect and trust. That’s why we’re so proud to recommend her.”

PSEA-PACE is a nonpartisan political action committee that recommends candidates based solely on their records and views on public education, labor, and health care issues. Its Board of Directors includes PSEA members who make voluntary contributions to PSEA-PACE. McCracken is a member of the PSEA-PACE Board.

“Sally Updyke Mundy is exactly the kind of justice we need on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and PSEA-PACE is proud to recommend her,” McCracken said.

All contributions to PSEA-PACE are voluntary and separate from PSEA members’ dues payments.