PSEA ads air on digital media

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PSEA ads air on digital media

Voice: May 2017

As part of a new initiative to “promote public education and PSEA,” the Association aired four commercials on digital media during April as part of a pilot to test new approaches to a paid media campaign.

The pilot program was created in response to a new business item proposed during the December 2016 House of Delegates. The new business item was referred to the Budget Committee for further review, and committee members and staff spent three months working to craft an impactful, efficient, and cost-effective program.

“We’re very excited about this pilot, and we’re hoping we can expand it into a year-long program next year,” said PSEA Treasurer Rich Askey, who chairs the Budget Committee. “There are so many things you can do with digital media that you just can’t do with television. That’s why so many advertisers and organizations like ours are making digital a priority.”

The goal of the pilot program is to test the use of digital media, analyze the results, and make a detailed report to the Board of Directors and delegates who attend the May House. Those results will help make key decisions about whether to extend this to a year-long program as PSEA reviews the fiscal 2017-18 PSEA budget.

The four commercials were aired on Facebook, news sites, and other websites frequented by the target audience PSEA identified.

“Using digital media, you can really target the audience you want to reach,” Askey added. “And, digital allows you to make targeting adjustments while an ad campaign is going on – in case you discover that you’re not reaching the audience you want.”

“Our goal is to meet the needs of our members, and do it in the most effective, cost-efficient way,” Askey said. “This digital media approach is something that could meet all of those goals. I’m eager to see the results of the pilot so we can make an informed decision about what to do next.”

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