Digital media pilot is a huge success

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Digital media pilot is a huge success

Voice: July 2017 

During the May House of Delegates, PSEA Treasurer Rich Askey addressed PSEA members and told them about three numbers:

  • 4,242,735;
  • 937,637;
  • and 30.

His presentation to the delegates was about the success of PSEA’s digital media pilot program.

And the numbers he shared meant that Pennsylvanians had noticed PSEA’s four 15- and 30-second digital commercials more than 4,242,735 times and watched the ads to completion 937,637 times – all in the 30 days between April 4 and May 4.

The ads ran on Facebook, news sites, and other websites frequented by the target audience PSEA identified.

“This pilot program was an experiment. But, as we’ve reviewed these results, we think it was a success,” Askey said. “We believe that using digital media and commercials like these is the most efficient and effective way to go in the future.”

The pilot program stemmed from a debate during the December 2016 House of Delegates focused on a PSEA-driven public relations campaign. Between January and March, the PSEA Budget Committee, which Askey chairs, studied the options. In April, PSEA launched the digital media pilot program.

The day after Askey’s presentation to the May House of Delegates, members approved a new business item authorizing the Association to build on the pilot program’s success and implement a cost-effective, statewide public relations campaign to improve public perception of and support for public education and PSEA.

The Association is planning an aggressive campaign with more 15- and 30-second digital ads, beginning in January 2018.

“Pennsylvania’s public schools are among the best in the nation, and the incredible work that PSEA members do every day is what makes our schools great,” Askey said. “Using digital media, we can tell our members’ great stories and remind people how important our members are to their local schools and the students who learn there.”

Even though the digital media pilot program is over for now, Pennsylvanians can still view the commercials at