PSEA starts Fund for Student Success

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PSEA starts Fund for Student Success

Voice: September 2018

In July, the PSEA Board of Directors voted to approve the Fund for Student Success, a new PSEA account that will allow the Association to better communicate with the public about the needs of our students, schools, communities, and professions.

The new account provides PSEA greater flexibility to share news and information with friends, families, and neighbors related to issues, policies, elected officials, and pro-public education candidates.

The Fund for Student Success will not – and legally cannot – provide campaign contributions to candidates, elected officials, or campaign committees. PSEA members can support pro-public education candidates and elected officials through their continued support of PSEA-PACE.

Too many districts in Pennsylvania still lack resources necessary to adequately educate their students. They cannot afford to hire enough educators or other school staff, and cannot provide up-to-date textbooks, remedial programs, technology, or other supports and equipment.

That’s why PSEA will use the Fund for Student Success to drive a message to the public: that Pennsylvania’s children deserve better.