Executive Director’s Column: Welcome back to a new school year

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Executive Director’s Column: Welcome back to a new school year

Voice: September 2018

I know this is one of the busiest times of the year for PSEA members. You’re meeting new students, organizing lesson plans, decorating your school’s hallways and classrooms – doing all of the things necessary to give 1.7 million kids a great start to a new year.

While you’re doing all of this, I hope you remember that your Association is here to support you as you do this important work.

PSEA is all about fighting for you, speaking out for you, and being there for you when you need help.

Of course, as a PSEA member, you help give your local association the power necessary to get the salaries, benefits, and working conditions you deserve.

And, as a member of the largest and most influential education association in Pennsylvania, your voice is a huge part of securing the pro-public education policies that every public school student should have.

As I look back on the summer months, one of my favorite memories is talking with members like you during the Gettysburg Leadership Conference in July. As I listened to members talk about the positive impact PSEA has on their schools, students, and professional careers, I was struck by the dedication members have to the Association to which they’re proud to belong.

Many of those members talked about how the leadership of Gov. Tom Wolf – a friend of PSEA and champion for public education – has made a difference in their lives. In the pages of this magazine, you’ll see what members just like you are saying about the impact he’s had.

These are real-life examples, and they’re the best possible arguments for why we need to support Gov. Wolf in November, and make sure that he serves another four years in the governor’s office.

Again and again, as I talk with members like you and listen to your stories, I am reminded of how powerful your voice is. It’s your stories about the impact Gov. Wolf has had on public education, your stories about how important it is to belong to PSEA, your stories about the incredible work that you do in your schools and classrooms, that make the biggest difference.

Of course, we try and tell those stories in this magazine, but I encourage you to share them with your PSEA colleagues, with your friends and families, and with your neighbors in your community.

People respect you. They’ll listen to you. And they’ll be persuaded by what you have to say.

Educators and support professionals are among the most respected people in our state. Please don’t forget that. And please don’t forget that it’s you – each and every PSEA member – that makes our Association strong.

So, welcome back. And thank you for everything you do.  

Email Jim Vaughan: jvaughan@psea.org