Key Issue: Payroll Deduction

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Key Issue: Payroll Deduction

Legislative Update

In December 2017, the PA House defeated Senate Bill 166, a bill aimed at silencing the voices of working Pennsylvanians. The bill was defeated by a vote of 90-102. The vote came about 10 months after the PA Senate approved the bill.

SB 166 would have prevented PSEA members from using voluntary payroll deduction to contribute to PSEA-PACE. The House vote defeating it is a clear victory for PSEA members who spoke out against this measure. Since the start of 2017, PSEA members have sent nearly 54,000 messages to lawmakers urging them to reject SB 166. When PSEA members speak out, our elected officials listen.

Here's what you need to know about Senate Bill 166:

  • In February, the state Senate passed Senate Bill 166 by a vote of 28-22.
  • On Dec. 12, the state House rejected an amended version of that bill by a vote of 90-102.
  • The amended SB 166 would prevent PSEA members from using voluntary payroll deduction to contribute to PSEA-PACE.
  • The bill unfairly singles out teachers, nurses, and public safety workers, but continues to allow deductions that go to insurance companies, big banks, and financial companies.
  • The state representatives pushing these bills have introduced a motion to reconsider the vote on SB 166, which could happen some time next year.
  • These lawmakers have a clear goal in mind: to silence the voices of middle-class people.
  • Behind them is a network of millionaire-funded special interest groups that puts corporations and the wealthy ahead of ordinary Pennsylvanians.
  • SB 166 does not include any taxpayer savings, since payroll deduction costs nearly nothing.

“These bills are just an attempt to silence working people by attacking their unions, and it shows a complete disrespect for working people and the unions that work so hard to speak out for them. This is a bullying tactic. Period.”

– PSEA President Rich Askey