Key Issue: Payroll Deduction

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Key Issue: Payroll Deduction

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Some state lawmakers are focused on taking away the rights of PSEA members and other public-sector employees to choose to have political action committee contributions deducted from their paychecks. This is part of a strategy to silence our voices, bully our members, and weaken our Association.

Send a message to your state representative to oppose these measures:

  • Enter your mailing address in the form and click "Start Writing" to get started.
  • Feel free to adapt the sample email message to make it personal to you.
  • Please do not use your school district email address to email state legislators. PSEA advises members not to send messages during instructional time, and comply with your school district's policies.

Legislative Updates

In February 2017, the state Senate passed Senate Bill 166, a bill that would interfere with the use of PSEA dues dollars and jeopardize some of the services PSEA provides to members.

An amended version of that bill is now before the House. In December 2017, state representatives debated and rejected several amendments to this bill, including one that would prevent lawmakers from mixing their taxpayer-funded work with politics. The House has yet to hold a final vote on the bill.

Here's what you need to know about Senate Bill 166

  • In February, the state Senate passed Senate Bill 166 by a vote of 28-22.
  • An amended version of that bill is now before the House.
  • The bill unfairly singles out teachers, nurses, and public safety workers, but continues to allow deductions that go to insurance companies, big banks, and financial companies.
  • Lawmakers pushing these bills have a clear goal in mind: to silence the voices of middle-class people.
  • Behind them is a network of millionaire-funded special interest groups that puts corporations and the wealthy ahead of ordinary Pennsylvanians.
  • It does not include any taxpayer savings, since payroll deduction costs nearly nothing.

“These bills are just an attempt to silence working people by attacking their unions, and it shows a complete disrespect for working people and the unions that work so hard to speak out for them. This is a bullying tactic. Period.” – PSEA President Dolores McCracken