Key Issue: Vouchers

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Key Issue: Vouchers

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In October 2017, the state Senate Education Committee tried to pass Senate Bill 2 – a tuition voucher bill that would drain more than $500 million in state funding from school districts and give it to students to use at non-public schools. After senators got more than 5,000 emails from PSEA members, the bill failed to advance out of committee.

In December 2017, the committee listed SB 2 for another vote but cancelled it after news broke that Senate leaders planned to replace a senator on the committee who opposed the bill with a senator who supported it.  The bill is certain to come back for another vote in 2018.

Send a message to your state senator to oppose this voucher scheme:

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  • Please do not use your school district email address to email state legislators. PSEA advises members not to send messages during instructional time, and comply with your school district's policies.

Senate Bill 2: The Facts

Impact on school districts

The voucher scheme proposed in SB 2 would siphon more than $500 million from school districts.

In many cases, these cuts are even worse than the impact of nearly $1 billion in state budget cuts for public schools in 2011-12.

Find out how SB 2 would impact schools in your community. NOTE: Estimates reflect the impact on school districts if only one-third of eligible students enroll in the new voucher program.

$26.9 million

SB 2 would cost Allentown School District $26.9 million.

$14.7 million

SB 2 would cost Erie School District $14.7 million.

$12 million

SB 2 would cost Harrisburg School District $12 million.

$16 million

SB 2 would cost Lancaster City schools $16 million.

$32 million

SB 2 would cost Reading schools $32 million.

$11 million

SB 2 would cost York City schools $11 million.