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Your Pension Benefits

PSEA will fight to protect school employees' retirement security

PSEA is going to keep fighting to protect the retirement benefits school employees have earned and paid for. 

PSEA will oppose any pension proposal that:

  • Cuts retirement benefits for current employees;
  • Eliminates our defined benefit retirement system; or
  • Weakens the retirement security of current, retired, or future employees.

Attention New Employees

Your pension, your future

You may just be starting your career, but it’s never too early to think about your retirement.

If this is your first job in a school, you have a very important decision to make right now. You only have 45 days to choose your retirement option after being notified by PSERS. And you only have one chance to do it.

You need to decide whether to pay a little bit more now and get 25 percent more in annual pension benefits or pay less today and have less in retirement. Your retirement system will ask you whether you want to enroll in either the Class T-F or Class T-E retirement plan.