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PennWest Edinboro Postgraduate Credit Program

Did you know

PSEA has teamed up with PennWest Edinboro to offer you college credit for your hard work. 


Here's how it works: Micro-credentials Stage

Step 1: Explore PSEA/NEA Micro-credentials

Have you checked out the PSEA/NEA Micro-credentials yet? This is your first step.


Step 2: Submit your work

Complete the requirements of the Micro-credential and submit along with the requisite supporting artifacts and evidence to be evaluated.

Here's how it works: Act 48/College Credit Stage

If your Micro-credential submission has been accepted, you can:

In lieu of the 20 Act 48 hours, members who have had their Micro-credential submissions evaluated and meet the standard to attain the credential have the option of obtaining 1 college credit (equivalent to 30 Act 48 hours) from Edinboro University for a fee of $70 per credit.


STOP HERE: Submissions that have been evaluated and meet the standard to attain the credential will receive 20 Act 48 hours. 

If your Micro-credential submission has not been accepted, you can:

RESUBMIT: Review, revise, and resubmit to be re-evaluated. 


STOP HERE: You've already obtained 15 Act 48 hours for submitting your work. (If you resubmit and your work meets the standards to attain the credential, you'll have the option of choosing another 5 Act 48 hours or the college credit)