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PSEA/NEA Act 48 & Micro-credentials Program

What are micro-credentials?

Micro-credentials are a competency-based recognition issued for professional learning experiences. They provide a way for educators to develop skills and acquire knowledge to improve classroom practice and support student success.  

In partnership with the National Education Association (NEA), PSEA offers over 100 FREE micro-credentials to PSEA members for Act 48 hours

Topics offered

PSEA/NEA offers micro-credentials in many areas of professional learning.

Act 48 Equivalency

Get Act 48 credits AND the NEA micro-credential all in one as all micro-credential courses also qualify in fulfilling Act 48 credits. 

How it breaks down: 

Complete a micro-credential course = 15 Act 48 hours

Attain micro-credential competency = 20 Act 48 hours


NOTE: Because NEA Microcredientals are individually evaluated standards-based learning experiences, Act 48 hours cannot be awarded expeditiously/immediately. PSEA will issue Act 48 hours within 30 days of receiving confirmation from NEA of a complete submission.

If you urgently need Act 48 hours, consider visiting PSEA’s Online Professional Learning Exchange.


Learn more about micro-credentials from these PSEA Fact Sheets or the NEA’s How it Works.

Collaborate and spread the word

Want to create a community to work together? Ask colleagues if they will work with you. Working with a partner and critiquing each other’s work raises the likelihood that your micro-credential submission will meet standards.

Spread the word to your colleagues about micro-credentials by sharing this flier