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May 01, 2020

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May 14, 2020 Edition

May 1, 2020 Edition

March 31, 2020

COVID-19 Resources

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  • Message from PSEA President Rich Askey

  • COVID-19 Emergency Bill - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Evaluation Reform Plan
    The COVID-19 emergency bill that the General Assembly approved on March 25 also includes the evaluation reform plan PSEA has been working with lawmakers to pass for the past nine months.

    The reform plan will overhaul the current educator evaluation system, significantly reducing the impact of student performance, including standardized tests, in favor of classroom observation and practice.

    On March 25, both the state House and Senate approved a sweeping COVID-19 emergency bill to provide clear policy direction to Pennsylvania’s public schools and ensure that all school employees – both EA and ESP members – are paid for the rest of the school year and get a full year of retirement credit.

    “This is great news,” said PSEA President Rich Askey. “We have been encouraging the Legislature to act on this bill. And you sent more than 20,000 emails last week, asking lawmakers to make this a priority. They listened to us, and they did the right thing.”

  •  Let's say, "Thanks"
    Wednesday, March 25 was a historic day for the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

    The Pennsylvania state House and Senate voted unanimously to approve emergency school code legislation that sets clear state policy for public schools during the COVID-19 coronavirus emergency and ensures that nearly all school employees — EA and ESP members alike — get paid and receive a full year of PSERS retirement credit. PSEA members stood up for our students, our schools, and our profession and played a key role in getting this bill passed. Now it's time to thank the lawmakers who made this happen. Please sign the petition to say, "Thank you."

    PSEA President Rich Askey

  • Keeping Connected E-newsletter
    Keeping Connected is an e-newsletter for PSEA members to stay informed during the COVID-19 coronavirus school closures. In each issue, you'll receive the latest legislative and policy updates from your association, helpful links, and inspiring stories of educators going above and beyond to make the best of an extraordinarily difficult time.

Health Guidance from CDC
Our schools and communities are all focused on preventing the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. Federal and state officials have created a number of resources aimed at educating the public about the virus and advising Pennsylvanians about how we can prevent it from spreading.

COVID-19:  Pennsylvania Overview from PA Dept of Health

Education Guidance from PA Dept of Education

UPDATE: March 24, 2020 PDE Memo - Continuity of Education in Pennsylvania Schools

Letter from Secretary Rivera:
Letter from Secretary Rivera on Stay-at-home Order (Allegheny, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Monroe, Montgomery, and Philadelphia)

School Guidance:
School Guidance - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (updated frequently)

Resources Page:
The Pennsylvania Department of Education also has a special resources page for educators and school administrators.

       Unemployment Compensation Update

For more information: see

May 13, 2020

Bedford County

Bedford County Coordinating Council (BCCC)

Meetings 2019-2020

Time:  4:30 PM

  •  May 13, 2020
    • ZOOM Meeting

Invitations for the BCCC meeting were emailed. If you did not get your invitation, please call the office at (814) 266-3965 or email Bobbie Bray at

May 12, 2020

Somerset County

Somerset County Coordinating Council (SCCC)

Meeting Dates 2019-2020

Time:  5:00 PM

  • May 12, 2020
    • Somerset County Tech Center

Zoom Meeting. 

Invitations for the SCCC meeting were emailed. If you did not get your invitation, please call the office at (814) 266-3965 or email Bobbie Bray at

September 16, 2020

Central-Western Region

Meetings for 2020-2021

Dates Coming Soon

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the C-W May House of Delegates has been rescheduled to September 16, 2020.

September 01, 2020

C-W ESP Division

 Meetings 2020-2021

Dates for 2020-2021 Coming Soon

Upcoming Events

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