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Find a list of upcoming meetings and events for 2016-17.  More »

A week to honor teachers

PSEA joins the NEA, the PTA, students, communities, and the nation in celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week, May 2-6, and National Teacher Day on May 3.  More »

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April 2017

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5/3/2017 - AED Mtg More »
5/5/2017 - PR & R Comm More »
5/12/2017 - DCTS Ex Comm Mtg More »
5/19/2017 - SPSEA Transition & Leadership Devel Mtg More »
5/19/2017 - Retirement and Welfare Comm More »

Celebrate Women's History Month

March is National Women's History Month. To help you commemorate the Women's Rights Movement and the achievements of women throughout our country's history, PSEA has compiled lesson plans, educational resources, and other information to bring Women's History Month into the classroom.  More »

PSEA policy brief outlines research-based approach to standardized testing

PSEA Standardized Testing Policy BriefRecognizing that state requirements put too much emphasis on high-stakes standardized tests, the Pennsylvania State Education Association released a policy brief aimed at ensuring that standardized tests are used the way they were intended and do not interfere with classroom instruction.  More »

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