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Legislative update: With days left in this legislative session, some lawmakers are making a final push to pass a bill that attacks our pension system. They're negotiating the bill behind closed doors, but we know a lot about it.

This bill would make our pension system one of the worst in the nation. Learn more.

Tell your state legislators to oppose this plan.

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PSEA will fight to protect school employees' retirement security

PSEA is going to keep fighting to protect the retirement benefits you have earned and paid for. 

PSEA will oppose any pension proposal that:

  • Cuts retirement benefits for current employees;
  • Eliminates our defined benefit retirement system; or
  • Weakens the retirement security of current, retired, or future employees.

Attention new members: 
You must make a critical decision about your pension within 45 days of being notified by PSERS. Learn more on the "Information for new members" page of the pension toolkit.

Keystone Research Center pension primers
The Keystone Research Center recently released a series of short “pension primers” to explain complex details at the heart of the pension debate. Find the complete set of primers at








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