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Susan Lemmo elected to PSERS Board of Trustees

A message from Susan:

I am honored to have been elected as the new annuitant representative on the PSERS Board of Trustees. 

I value my eight years representing PSERS' active members. Now, I am ready and delighted to continue my work on the board by representing PSERS' retirees. 

Have no doubt that I will fight for you, protect your hard-earned retirement security, and advocate for the cost-of-living-adjustment you deserve.

Thank you for your continued support as I begin this position. 

Susan Lemmo

Get to know Susan Lemmo

  • Member of the PSERS Board of Trustees since 2014, representing active members before representing retired members.
  • Current chair of PSERS Ad Hoc Committee and Health Care Committee.
  • Served on PSERS Appeals and Member Services Committee, Personnel Committee, Defined Contribution Committee, and Investment Committee.
  • Serves on the National Council on Teacher Retirement Executive Committee.
  • Serves as the Clearfield, Cameron, Elk, and Jefferson Central Labor Council treasurer.
  • Previous member of the PSEA Board of Directors.
  • Retired art teacher from the Curwensville Area School District.
  • Earned a master’s degree from Penn State University and a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Thank you for electing Susan Lemmo to the PSERS Board of Trustees!

Q and A with Susan Lemmo

Who makes up the PSERS Board of Trustees?

The board is established by statute and is made up of 15 members. Eight are elected state officials or political appointees. The board also includes two school board representatives, three members elected by active certified school employees, one member elected by active non-certified school employees, and one member elected by annuitants. 

Every member has a sworn fiduciary duty and loyalty to both active and retired members of the system. 

Why are you seeking election to the annuitant seat?

As a current board representative for active members, I have steadfastly fought for all PSERS members and annuitants. I am running because the current annuitant trustee, Mel Vogler, is retiring after many years of dedicated service to members, and the retirement promises made to the system's members matter to me.

How will you advocate for a COLA?

Pre-Act 9 retirees have not had a COLA since 2001. One dollar from 2000 is worth 58 cents today. As the annuitant representative, I will continue to strongly support the passage of a COLA for all retirees, particularly the pre-Act 9 retirees. Legislators who block or vote against a COLA should be ready to meet with every PSERS annuitant in their district to explain their reasoning.

How will you stand up for retirees?

There have been many times when I stood up for members and called out political motives made by powerful government officials who attempted to manipulate the board's decisions. I will be committed to annuitants by continuing to be educated, prepared, and ready to listen to the members I serve. I have no agenda or political motive on the board other than to represent our members well.