PSEA president pledged to continue working with Gov. Tom Wolf in second term

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PSEA president pledged to continue working with Gov. Tom Wolf in second term

Tom Wolf’s successful reelection bid as governor of Pennsylvania is a boon to public education in the state. As a friend of PSEA, Gov. Wolf’s policies have consistently benefitted Pennsylvania’s students, schools, and educators.

“Tom Wolf’s record as an advocate for public education is outstanding,” said PSEA President Rich Askey. “We’re thrilled to have him in our corner for another four years fighting to make Pennsylvania’s public schools the best they can be.”

Since his first day in office, Gov. Wolf has made it his mission to put public school educators and students at the top of his legislative priority list. He’s worked tirelessly to restore the $1 billion his predecessor cut from school funding, reduce the focus on standardized testing, protect pensions, pass comprehensive school safety measures, and promote career and technical education.

Gov. Wolf’s efforts have resulted in a 50-percent increase in the number of children attending pre-kindergarten, a 32-percent increase in the number of students in career and technical education programs, and a high school graduation rate approaching 90 percent. And he’s just getting started.

“PSEA members have a lot to be thankful for with a governor like Tom Wolf in office,” said Askey. “He’s listened to our suggestions on school safety measures, understands our frustration with standardized testing, and knows that investing in our public schools needs to continue to be a top priority.

“We look forward to continuing to work closely with Gov. Wolf in his second term to ensure our members’ voices are heard and our shared goals for Pennsylvania’s public education system are realized.”