PSEA House of Delegates

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PSEA House of Delegates

May 12-13, 2017

Wyndham Grand Hotel

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Professional Issues Sessions

Session 1

Friday, May 12
10-11:30 a.m. 

Tools Schools can use to Advance the Cause of Equity

Reviews from the December HOD Professional Issues Session on institutional racism repeatedly asked, “That’s good information. We get it. Now what do we do about it?” This session will answer this essential question. One excellent answer to that question is equity audits. Equity audits are a process that schools and districts can engage in to close discipline and achievement gaps by examining 12 factors within three categories: teacher-quality equity; 2) programmatic equity; and 3) achievement equity. In addition to inspiring teachers to effectively advocate for an equity audit of their schools and/or districts, the session will also provide teachers with tools to advance equity within their own classrooms.

Presenter:    James Scheurich, Ph.D.
Professor, Urban Education Studies, Indiana University/Purdue University

Moderator:  Dolores M. McCracken, Vice President, PSEA

Session 2

Friday, May 12
1-3 p.m.

Topic: Mentorship and Induction: Retention as a Tool to Address Teacher Shortage

The Pennsylvania State Board of Education recently received a report from the Pennsylvania Department of Education regarding the outlook for teacher shortages in Pennsylvania. It was grim for both the pipeline and for retention. The connection between shortages and quality induction programs is clear. Quality mentorship and induction programs are imperative to raising workplace satisfaction and fending off burnout.  From the New Teacher Center:

“Research has proven that quality matters when it comes to teacher induction programs…Too often, our newest teachers are assigned to work in the hardest to staff schools, in areas where students are most in need of an experienced teacher. The result has been an alarmingly high number of new teachers leaving the profession, particularly in the highest areas of need, long before their fifth anniversary milestone.”

This session will highlight how these programs can help retain teachers in the profession through mentorship and induction programs and also provide a framework for evaluating the programs’ quality.

Presenters:  Wil Del Pilar, Deputy Secretary
Pennsylvania Department of Education – Office of Postsecondary and Higher Education

Liam Goldrick, Director of Policy
New Teacher Center

Moderator:  Rich Askey, Treasurer

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