PSEA House of Delegates

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PSEA House of Delegates

December 6-7, 2019

Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown
600 Commonwealth Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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Professional Issues Sessions

SESSION 1: Engaging and Motivating Students by Embracing their Differences

10 to 11:30

This session will examine student engagement and motivation of diverse student groups.  Aspects of special needs, English language learnings, gifted, immigrants, and LGBTIQ students will be explored in light of engagement and motivation theory.  Glasner’s choice theory discusses four main components to motivation and engagement: 1) belonging, 2) power and choice, 3) fun, and 4) competence.  After briefly exploring the characteristics of these student groups, participants will create practices and strategies that will enhance motivation and engagement while honoring each student’s uniqueness. 

Presenters:     Judith Petruzzi and Bradley Hull, Directors of Education Services, PSEA 

Moderator:     Jeffrey D. Ney, Treasurer, PSEA


SESSION 2:  Dealing with Disruptive Learning Environments

1:30 to 3

More and more, educators are dealing with extreme behaviors from students.  These behaviors have made classrooms feel unsafe for students and educators. Student needs are going unmet and educators have very real concerns about whether they can provide safe, welcoming and inclusive learning environments for all with the resources they have.  Educators’ stories bear witness to the complicated challenges students face as well as educators’ deep concerns and desire to help their students be successful. Participants in this session will understand this crisis, its causes and impacts and develop their voice in expressing customized solutions for their schools. 

Presenter:       Kathryn Poggi, Ed.D., PaTTAN Pittsburgh

Moderator:     Aaron Chapin, Vice President, PSEA  



PSEA Center for Professional Learning

(CPL brochures will be handed out along with other materials)


NOTE: Please remember to provide your Professional ID number from PDE on the attendance sheet to expedite processing. Credit will not be given to late arrivals.