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Retired teacher stands her ground

PSEA members spend their lives standing up for public schools and the students they serve every day.

That’s what PSEA-Retired member Kathy Bravin did in September, when Pennsylvania House Speaker Mike Turzai confronted her outside of a Harrisburg private school that was playing host to U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Bravin, who was there to protest DeVos’ anti-public school agenda, was carrying a sign that said, “I love public schools.”

Turzai confronted her, said he was offended by her sign, and called Bravin, a lifelong professional educator, a “special interest.” Bravin held her ground and told

Turzai that she had “dedicated her life to children.”

The exchange was captured on video, highlighted in the media, and created a stir on Facebook and Twitter.

“I was just doing what I’ve done for three decades in the classroom,” Bravin said. “Sticking up for public education. We love public schools, and we can’t let anyone threaten them.”

Check out the video on PSEA’s Facebook and Twitter pages.