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Bentworth voted one of PA’s best places to work

One great piece of news from last year was the announcement that the Pittsburgh Business Times bestowed its coveted “2020 Best Places to Work” honor on Bent­worth School District.

The results of Best Places to Work are based on an online survey of em­ployees. Companies are surveyed on a variety of factors ranging from em­ployee job satisfaction to salary satisfaction to per­spectives on management. Small companies have between 10 and 24 employees, medium 25-49, large 50-149, and extra-large 150-plus.

In order to be included in the BPTW, a company must achieve a cer­tain score, which varies based on the size of the company. More than 250 companies applied to participate in an online survey of employee engagement, according to an email from Pittsburgh Business Times Research Director Ethan Lott.

Factors that affect the survey results range from employee job satisfaction to salary satisfaction to perspectives on management. The companies were grouped into four categories: Small (10-24 employees), medium (25-49), large (50-149), and extra-large (150-plus).

Bentworth was one of five compa­nies in the extra-large category and ranked number one among them in em­ployee satisfaction.

“Our members have proven time and again that the reason Bentworth School District is such a great place to work is due to our members’ extraor­dinary commitment to providing Bentworth’s children an exceptional learning environment,” said BEA President Sherri Crockett. “What’s even more remarkable is that we have received this award during the greatest health crisis in our lifetime. BEA members have gone above and beyond in every measure during this time, and continue to do so, because of their commitment to making Bentworth a great place for our kids to learn and our members to work.”