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Executive Director's Column

There is more to come!

If you’ve read any of the rest of this month's issue you've read about the teacher shortage, our expanded RESPECT campaign, refreshers on mandatory reporting, and what your colleagues are doing in their schools and classrooms.

Yet, every day there are scores of activities occurring within PSEA, things that don’t necessarily rise to the level of a spread in Voice. However, that doesn’t mean the work is not important or that it doesn’t have value.

For instance, PSEA is currently working on an updated professional development system, which we plan to launch in a few months. PSEA’s Ed Services and IT staff are busy making sure that, when the time comes, you will have easy access to informative professional development options.

Another example of this is the work being performed on our new Collective Bargaining System. In its final phases of testing, this system will provide your UniServ rep with a wealth of financial information specific to your employer. Information that we believe is critical to your success at the bargaining table. Staff from IT, Research, and Field have been working on this system for more than a year and are wrapping up their efforts.

Recently, we reviewed these efforts with PSEA’s Oversight Committee. This group is composed of members, like you, from across the commonwealth who spend time deliberating PSEA’s strategic priorities, which drive our budgeting process.

In January, the Oversight Committee convened to hear updates from staff on the implementation of our priorities.

I enjoy these meetings, and I’m always impressed by the perspectives that committee members share. After all, these members are just like you.

They’re teachers, bus drivers, and teaching assistants. And they’re in that room to represent you and talk about what you care about. And, just like you, they are dedicated to PSEA. In fact, I bet all of them read to the end of the Voice too! 


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