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RESPECT: The Key Issues

Increasing the minimum wage

Pennsylvania’s minimum wage, which is currently $7.25, hasn’t been raised since 2009 and is lower than all our neighboring states. No matter where you live, that's just not enough money to make ends meet.

We're off to a good start.

On Jan. 30, Gov. Tom Wolf proposed to increase the minimum wage to $12 in 2019 and to $15 by 2025, with an annual cost-of-living adjustment every year after that. 

Increasing minimum educator salaries

Pennsylvania’s minimum teacher salary is $18,500 — and it hasn’t increased since 1989. The challenges educators face in the classroom, the time we’re required to spend keeping our skills up to date, and the diversity of our students have all increased dramatically in the past 30 years.

It’s time our minimum teacher salaries finally caught up. That’s why increasing minimum salaries for teachers and college faculty members is a top priority for PSEA.

It’s all about RESPECT.

That’s why increasing minimum salaries for teachers and higher education faculty members to $45,000 and increasing the minimum wage for education support professionals are top priorities for PSEA.

In December 2018, PSEA’s House of Delegates approved a new business item creating the RESPECT initiative — Raise Educators’ Salaries to Provide Economic Certainty Today — aimed at achieving both of these goals.

Testimony on the RESPECT Initiative

Educators and support professionals are the real experts when it comes to what works in schools and classrooms. 

PSEA officers and members frequently testify at Legislative committee hearings on issues that affect public education as part of our efforts to tell lawmakers what good education policies look like - and what ideas just don't work for our schools and our students. 

PSEA President, Rich Askey, recently testified to lawmakers on recommended Chapter 49 revisions that spoke to teacher shortages and RESPECTful compensation for educators.