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PSEA offers members up to a 21% discount (18% discount plus an additional 3%  discount for paperless billing) on eligible plans (of at least $39.99) and a 35% discount on eligible accessories when purchased through their My Verizon online account. Unlimited data plans are excluded from this discount.

How to register

There are two ways to register for the PSEA Verizon Wireless discount.

1. Register online

  • Click on the "Login to take advantage of this program" button above.
  • Use your members only username and password to log in.
  • Click on "Go to"
  • You will appear at the "Discounts for PSEA Members" page. Scroll down to "Already with Verizon" and click on "Register or validate now."
  • You will be prompted to log into your My Verizon account to register or renew your discount. Be sure to enter all of your contact information. You can use any email address for the email option.
  • After you have logged into you’re My Verizon account, you will see a "Congratulations" confirmation screen noting that your account has been updated.

2. Register in person

  • Go to a corporate-owned Verizon Wireless store and show your PSEA Membership card.
  • Make sure you sign up for the 21% PSEA discount (18% discount plus an addition 3% discount for paperless billing).

Note: The PSEA monthly discount applies to eligible plans and will be applied in 1-2 billing cycles.

*Rates, terms and conditions, are subject to change. Plans must be more than $39.99 per month to qualify. All Verizon Wireless group discounts are applied to only a portion of your bill and generally apply to either the primary line or the data portion of your bill.