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Coming together to improve our jobs and teaching

Your union brings together 178,000 education professionals, and we all have your back. United, we are winning funding for our classrooms and standing up against things that make it harder for us to teach – like high-stakes standardized test prep and proposed cuts to our planning time. 

Key Issues

Learn more about what we’re doing to make our jobs easier and keep our organization strong.

Reversing State Funding Cuts

Teachers in our union stood together and helped reverse nearly $1 billion in deep cuts to public education in Pennsylvania.

Reducing High-Stakes Testing

Teachers lose 110 hours of classroom time each year to standardized test prep. Teachers in our union think testing demands shouldn’t keep us from teaching. 

Fighting Federal Funding Cuts

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos wants to devastate our classrooms by cutting $9 billion in public education funding and by diverting taxpayer dollars into private schools. Teachers in our union are uniting to fight back.

Protecting Teachers’ Time

Teachers have demanding jobs, and we need time to get work done. Teachers are coming together in our union to make sure we have planning and collaboration time.