How does Gov. Wolf's state budget proposal impact your school district? 

Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed 2015-2016 state budget includes a $400 million increase in the basic education subsidy and a $100 million increase in the special education subsidy - the largest one-year school funding increase in Pennsylvania's history. Our schools need these funds now more than ever. Every school district in Pennsylvania has felt the impact of an unprecedented school funding crisis, which began with nearly $1 billion in school funding cuts in 2011. 

Why are these increases so important?
Right now, Pennsylvania is 45th in state support for public schools. Over the past four years, school districts have cut more than 23,000 teachers and support professionals, and 91 percent have raised property taxes. 

Will this proposal reverse the school funding crisis?
Under Gov. Wolf’s proposal, school districts will receive enough state funds to nearly get back to the funding amounts they received before the 2011 cuts and enable school districts to restore the important programs our students have lost over the past four years. 

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