Central Valley EA ratifies its first collective bargaining agreement

The recently formed Central Valley Education Association worked together to achieve a fair contract for its 172 members. The Central Valley School District and the Central Valley EA have ratified their first collective bargaining agreement as a merged school district. 

The five year agreement contains annual raises and yearly increases of employee contributions for health care.

“I am proud to announce that both the Central Valley School District and the Central Valley Education Association have set an excellent example of how labor and management can work together for a worthwhile purpose,” stated Superintendent Dr. Dan Matsook. “Our school board is to be commended as well as the negotiations teams for their diligence over the past 22 months.”

“The Association is pleased with the Agreement.  It was a difficult process that spanned several years,” added CVEA co-president Tracy Whipkey. “We had to take the former contracts from Center and Monaca and merge them into a single contract that was fair to both sides.”

The former Center Area School District and Monaca School District began discussions about merging in 2007. The first voluntary merger in Pennsylvania history became official on July 1, 2009 when the Central Valley School District began operations. The ratification of the teachers’ agreement is the next step in a continuing process of unifying the schools. The District’s elementary schools merged in the 2009-2010 school year, but the merged middle and high schools will open their doors for the first time this fall. The support staff is still in the process of settling its first agreement with the District and has been working without a contract since last summer. 

“We have finally crossed the finish line in what has been a marathon of a journey. We believe this agreement is beneficial to both the teachers and the District. We would like to thank the superintendents, Dr. Matsook and Dr. Thomas, for their time and effort,” said CVEA co-president Jim Dran.



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