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Southeastern Region Website Workshop Dec. 11th

PSEA offers all local associations a free website. SER is offering our locals a free training to develop and manage those websites. 

Workshop attendees will learn how to use the software PSEA provides to create and maintain their local websites. This training is targeted to individuals who are not currently maintaining a PSEA website or to Locals that may have let their website go ‘dormant’ and want to get it back online.

Act 48 Professional Development January 28th

Presenter:  Chris Clayton - “Mode Switching for Today’s Digital Learner”

This session will help teachers think through working with learners on effectively switching “modes” of digital communications, both through the lens of being a consumer of digitial texts and a producer. 


Presenter:  Judith Petruzzi - “Effective Classroom Management for Today’s Teacher: What Does the Research Tell Us Works”  

This contemporary session is for both elementary and secondary educators, and it introduces participants to Harry Wong’s work on classroom “procedures” and Robert Marzano’s work on the most effective research-based classroom management strategies.

Registration Deadline:  January 13, 2019

SER Logo and Tagline Contest

The Southeastern Region regrets to announce that the Logo and Tagline Contest will not proceed to a conclusion as anticipated. We do appreciate the efforts of those members who participated, and this was a difficult choice to make. The decision was based on several factors, including minimal  submissions and multiple entries that were disqualified due to a lack of required release forms. The Contest has been terminated as of November 15, 2019 in accordance with the Contest rules.

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