PSEA-PACE announces statewide candidate recommendations for 2017 General Election

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PSEA-PACE announces statewide candidate recommendations for 2017 General Election

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HARRISBURG (September 19, 2017) – The Pennsylvania State Education Association’s Political Action Committee for Education (PSEA-PACE) today announced a list of recommended judicial candidates for the upcoming General Election on November 7.

“PSEA-PACE has recommended excellent candidates to serve on our state courts,” said PSEA Vice President Dolores McCracken. “We’re proud to support these candidates in the General Election this November because we know that all of them have the kind of experience that will make them outstanding judges.

“These candidates have been reviewed by PSEA members in what has always been a member-driven, bipartisan approach.”

PSEA-PACE is a bipartisan political action committee that recommends candidates based on their experience, competency, and commitment to a strong public education system in Pennsylvania.  PSEA-PACE’s recommendations are the result of an exhaustive member-driven process where PSEA members from around the state come together to review candidate qualifications and questionnaires as well as conduct interviews with each candidate running for office.

“PSEA members look to PSEA-PACE to recommend qualified candidates who feel strongly about public education and issues that impact working Pennsylvanians,” said Joe Scheuermann, chair of the PSEA-PACE Board.  “For us, a candidate’s political party doesn’t matter. What matters is what they stand for – and we know that these candidates will serve Pennsylvanians well.”

PSEA-PACE’s recommended candidates for the 2017 General Election are as follows:

Pennsylvania Supreme Court

  • Sallie Updyke Mundy - Republican

Pennsylvania Superior Court

  • H. Geoffrey Moulton Jr. - Democrat
  • Carolyn Nichols - Democrat
  • Maria McLaughlin - Democrat
  • Jules Mermelstein - Green
  • Deborah Kunselman - Democrat
  • Craig Stedman - Republican
  • Emil Giordano - Republican

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court

  • Ellen Ceisler - Democrat
  • Christine Fizzano Cannon - Republican

For Retention to Pennsylvania Supreme Court

  • Justice Thomas Saylor - Republican
  • Justice Debra Todd - Democrat

An affiliate of the National Education Association, PSEA represents approximately 180,000 future, active and retired teachers and school employees, and health care workers in Pennsylvania.