PSU Student PSEA chapter endows award

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PSU Student PSEA chapter endows award

Voice: May 2017

Future educators at Penn State University may have an easier time paying for their education thanks to the thoughtful actions of current Student PSEA chapter members.

“Over the past few years, our chapter has raised money in hopes of solidifying the award,” said Emily Gibbs, PSU Student PSEA Chapter president. “The goal was to reach $20,000.”

The chapter closed the financial gap to reach its goal this year through fundraisers, such as selling chapter-branded apparel.

“This endowment recognizes hard work and exceptional contributions,” Gibbs said. “The club’s members are underestimated, for they are some of the most encouraging and dedicated people on campus. This reward aims to showcase well-earned accomplishments.”

Gibbs is excited that her chapter will select one of its own for the award. Involvement in Student PSEA and leadership skills will play a large part in the selection process.

Giving back is something that comes naturally to the members of the PSU Student PSEA chapter – volunteerism plays a large part in their organization.

“Eight members of the club, including myself, visited Houston, Texas, over spring break to observe and volunteer in a couple of school districts,” Gibbs said. “Opportunities such as this enrich the club’s reputation and allow for professional growth.”